June 26th, 2006


uhh... *waves from behind rock* its your friendly LTLFTP! (long time lurker first time poster) bringing fanart of the cracky variety >_>
I present.. the handpuppet OT3!!!
Warnings: Zack+cloud+sephy-poo, SFW, beware of cuteness overdose!! and handpuppets. because I love them ~_~
Plus: special bonus sephiroth-is-high-on-sugar handpuppet...
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Sephiroth Techno Remix

One scary night when seven people were RolePlaying they got bored and decided to make a Techno song by way of beat-boxing. Seeing as I am the annoyingly FFVII fan they decided to have it about Sephiroth. So we sat down and made a little recording of the song...Two months later Cannible Clown Productions (mine and my cousins AMV corporation) decided to make a little AMV using it.
WARNING: Unless you hate cracktastic fangirlish fun, don't watch!


Meleah (my cousin) & Chazz (uncles friend)- UMPHS
Spencer (cousin)- MMCHICKA
Damian (Chazz's friend)- Siren Noises
Fenisha (ME!! -waves-) & Amber (cousin)-Sephiroth Screamers
John (uncle)- Body Beater

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