June 24th, 2006

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Two fanarts for you all because i'm a sad little soul and i have no life to speak of. One of Cloud, one of Sephiroth. Click on the thumbnails to view the full images back on over at DeviantART.



Enjoy, and peace out.

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Ive been watching AC for god knows how long, and i never get tired of it. Ive played FFVII, and im actually playing the game again. But i can't seem to remember how Denzel is related to any of the characters. Can anyone give me an answer to this?

-High Quality Reno Bases- and 4 icons

Images are stretched on preview but are 100x100

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Depending on how many comments I get, depends on whether I do more
and if I get alot of comments, I'll post big screencaps from the movie ( And I mean big. XD They're rather high quality too)

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