June 21st, 2006

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Paint Drawing

Mmkay, so I'm up with my cousin and kinda bored so I open paint on the computer, a program I never use cause we never seem to agree on what to draw. Well, I start to draw at about 3:30AM, and it is now 4:30AM and I guess I am done. (or I'm too lazy to continue and make this any better) But anyways, I did a little drawing of Cloud, Zax, and Sephiroth. 
Enjoy! (though it ain't too grand)
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Advent Children :: Reeeenooo


I've looked at quite a few of the screencap sites, but I can't seem to find a high-res picture of the scene after the Forgotten City battle, where Cloud and Vincent are shooting the shit together underneath the pretty glowy white trees.

Anyone have one out there that's like what I'm looking for? I need it to be at least 700px wide and 350px tall.
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