June 18th, 2006

garret goes home

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This has been bugging me for a while, but until just now I didn't realize just exactlywhat; was bugging me:

If Shinra is dead or at least pretty much so, then who the heck is providing cell phone service?!
I don't buy Gold Saucer. I just don't.

-Yes I know I am spammaging, but cmon the community is way slow lately!

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So obviously i'm new. Big fan of the movie and have been for a while, though I worked at gamestop and after a while got tired of hearing it in the background, lol but all of that is over now yay! Anyways I am trying to get a good FF VII AC RP started (more like what happens after but you get the drift). But I haven't had much success in people just happening along it so I thought I would see who here would be intrested in joining. If you are just go here, its pretty easy to follow along just check it out. At this point I am willing to make exceptions for characters I would like to get it started once I have a handful of people and if all else fails I plan on opening it no later then August. Well thanks for your time I hope this wasn't too annoying thanks again!