June 17th, 2006


I started being random again, when I should be studying..

I updated my screen cap gallery, there's a whole lot more of AC particularly Rufus, Turks, Cloud, and lots of Jenova lol goodness up, and also uploaded a few FF7 screen shots as well.

Also, I'm remaking an old rufus shrine site of mine which was never released, eh heh, it was bad.... and just doing a whole new reincarnation of it. It's about Rufus and a really in depth analysis. I was wondering if every anyone would be willing to share and discuss their opinions on him and what he does, especially in AC, so I can get a fresh perspective. :)

OH yeah, I also wanted to share this with you guys~ if you're looking on Japanese websites, here's some stuff that might help searching. You guys probably already have/know most of this though...
Collapse )
Do you guys find it sad I know the Shinra's japanese names better than AVALANCHE's japanese names? *snerk*
If you can't read it I dunno what to do for you.. other than try to install japanese support from the CD if you have XP?
Yes, I am so bored.

Edit: that whole thing took me two hours T_T what the?
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