June 16th, 2006

Zack - =D

hi-res screencap request

Can anyone get some h-resolution images of the Jenova box from AC? Any/all angles, and much details as possible.
I finally found a box perfect for kaa-san, but it needs to be properly modified and painted and such.

Oh! If there's some Nomura sketches of it, that's good too. <3

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sticks, figures drawn by me

turks theme remix..

I distinctly remember having and playing a rock-ish remixed version of the Turk's Theme. The trick is I can't find it anymore, anywhere on my computer o_O I thought it was on ocremix.org, but it's not.. I don't remember where I got it from. Alas, my disorganization is a virtue.
Does anyone have it or one similar? Actually, any remix of the Turk's theme will do. (I've already got the original and AC CDs *legitly, yo*, so that's not what I'm looking for)
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