June 5th, 2006

ass kicking, asskicking

When I should be sleeping... some icons, a little pimpage, and some goodies

Great collection of fan art and artists on deviantart, though it might have been linked here before x_X (at least it's not the cloud song! lol)

Plugging our ff7 (and more) myth research community! Basically, we research stuff like the meaning and origin of the character names, or a myth that part of the story might be based on and share it.

Custom sprites I made when I used to have my ff7 website up o.o also has some web graphics I made of some characters, though Sephy is the KH version.. :3 Use at your discretion. Enjoy

'Nother batch of FF7 classic icons! :D Yay And some AC too..!
As usual, don't have to comment or credit, but I love you guys cuz you do anyway.

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Hello! This is my first post here, and I just wanted to say hi, and share a creation of mine with you. =) Alright well, I don't know if this is okay here, but I consider it fan art, even though its not drawn, but made out of fabric. <br />I have recently restarted my plushie business, and made this Vincent as a gift for my boyfriend, an absolute FF fan. But, I would love to know what everyone thinks! I am currently finishing up a Reno and am looking forward to making more within the next month! <br /><br />I am currently open for all serious commissions, I have been sewing for over 13 years, and I can make just about anything that stands like a human, Although I am willing to draw up designs for certain animals/characters as well.<br /><br />Character plush [12 inches tall with fully detailed face/ clothing] start&nbsp;at $35 and the price raises depending on the size you request and the&nbsp;level of detail needed. I am open to negociation, and I am a reasonable person!!&nbsp;<br />Payment for plushie and shipping is due prior to shipping of the plushie [much like an ebay auction], via paypal preferably. <br /><br />br />

Wikipedia questions and a Sephiroth ramble

Okay, so two questions about some... renaming that I saw on Wikipedia.

From the List of Characters page, under Kadaj - "Using the Bahamut Materia, he summoned Bahamut Tremor to destroy Midgar and search for Jenova's remains." ... Umm, when did it stop being Bahamut Sin? I mean, if this is in the Reunion Files, then I understand the change and won't question it further.

From the Before Crisis page - Veld is now Verdot. Okay I guess I missed the train on this back at E3, but could someone please direct me to anything relatively official on this? I'm sorry, but I'm a stickler for those kind of things.

And finally... a very strange thought I had today and would like some feedback on under the cut.

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Did I miss something?

I don't know if its been brought up, but what do most of you think of kingdom hearts, & how it is connected to final fantasy?  Especially to  Final Fantasy VII?  I find it pretty awesome, but one small thing bugs me..
Aerith is dead, yet alive & well in the kingdom hearts..

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good job

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This is my first Post and I believe its my first AMV from AC. (though i have made one of 'The Last Order'
These are two parodies that I have made from AC and from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
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