June 4th, 2006


Fanart | Cloud

I bring art! Kinda, it's still a WIP. But I had to draw him because I love him. I have something for really damaged men I guess...

No ratings, just Cloud and his monstrous sword :3

Shimmy shimmy.
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.>:], awsum


I check this community on a daily basis, yet i've never ever posted.. so i thought i might as well post once.
Anywho, i come bearing fanarts. (and yes, all of these cuts are fake. No ratings, cause i'm cool like that)

Bahamut Sin - a few head shots of Bahamut for a tattoo design.

Cloud Strife - eh, boring picture Cloud just standing there with obscenely spikey hair.

Sketches - a few AC and KHII sketches... bleh, not much to say.
Zack - =D

SHM as aspects of Sephiroth

So the SHM Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz are the embodiments of various aspects of Sephiroth. Everyone seems to pretty much agree on that.

Here's a quote from the Reunion Files
"Yazoo, Loz, and Kadaj are the physical manifestations of Sephiroth's spirit - Yazoo is his allure, Loz is his strength, and Kadaj is his cruelty. Kadaj is left-handed, because Sephiroth is left-handed." (Nomura)

Kadaj - cruelty
Yazoo - allure (even Nomura admits Sephiroth is sexy! =D)
Loz - strength

But what OTHER aspects do you think they embody? More "positive" aspects, because I believe that even under the influence of Jenova, there's still the HUMAN Sephiroth under there.

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So... what are your thoughts?

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