June 2nd, 2006


okay, question

I debated this with a cousin of mine after watching Advent Children for the I don't know, 10th time? :-) Plus, we're college kids with far too much time on our hands.

Why did Cloud get Geostigma, and not Vincent?

Because I refuse to go by the "offical" mess of the English dubbed version, ("I feel lighter...I must have lost some weight" ---> wtf? terrible line...) I still think that Geostimgna is a diease that's inflicted by the body trying to reject Jenova cells.

Wasn't Vincent injected with Jenova cells as well?? If so, shouldn't he too have Geostimga? And Rufus? Is he inflicted with the diease?

yuri/ivan - it can control you

Semi unrelated...

I've been on an AMV-making spree. I was wondering if people had some clips from DoC they would be willing to share. Like, files you'd be willing to hand over or a good site I could visit. The internet is a big place, after all.

(I have the opening - the only problem is that it has the credits plastered all over it. XD)

I'm sure I could share in the event that I finish making something decent. XD;
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(ok so this may contain SPOILERS dont read if you havnt watched the film!!!) i seriously dont follow parts ov advent children even after succesfully completing final fantasy 7 the game. what exactly are kadaj yazoo and loz? ive heard them being called 'triplets' 0_o on the web site it states only yazoo and loz ages, and kadaj is supposedly younger then them both or is he? and what are they? are they real? clones? niether?? why did they need kids infected with jenova cells to find 'mother'?? and what exactly happened to kadaj when he 'passed on' ?

*edit* and i thought it was jenovas head that was recovered and thats what they where looking for but kadaj ends up with a strange box?? and appears to start crying ??