May 30th, 2006


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Because I suck and don't know what I am looking for, can anyone tell me what sort of software I'd need to make a music video?

If possible, I'd like something that will let me take scenes off my DVD rather than using a hard-subbed .avi file, and preferably, free software.

Also, random advice would be much appreciated!

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I'm evil.

If you go to, you can submit a photo of yourself and it'll generate pictures of celebrities you resemble most(cough).
Bored little me felt like experimenting ♥

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Hello! I'm giving away my Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Bonus Disk that I got from pre-ordering the DVD at GameStop. I watched it once and it was interesting but I really don't need to keep it. Here are the details:

Item: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Bonus Disk
Price: FREE!
Image: [Click]
Shipping: $2.00
Payment accepted: PayPal, Money Order, Consealed cash (At your own risk!)
E-mail: ayukittykay[at]gmail[dot]com

Comment here or e-mail me if interested!

SOLD TO helenangel! THANK YOU!

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I was updating my personal website and realized how many FFVII walpapers I had made over the years (mostly since word of AC leaked out along with pictures). So, I figured I'd share them with you guys.


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