May 29th, 2006

Yuna summoner cosplay

Tifa Lockheart(FFVII:AC) cosplay

This is my first time doing cosplay, and because Norway doesn't have any cosplay events, this is not as great as other cosplayers, since I don't have any experiences with it yet. And I don't even know any who has gone cosplaying either..bleh. xD

So any advises and comments are highly appreciated ^_^

WARNING! Contains some BIG pictures.

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The fantastic photographer for these cosplay pictures is no other than the loveable infected_uterus. She is so damn good with the camera. I envy her for that >_>

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Hello fellow FFVII: Advent Children luvers!!!! :D lol... I have a question...... (well, it's kind of a question ^^)

I was wondering about Cloud's attacks in the movie.
I had the impression that they were all Omni Slash and that the very last one that Cloud defeated Sephiroth with was Knights of the Round Table, but my friend tells me other wise.... Can someone please correct me if I'm wrong.....! =O
'cuz I'm lost (^^;;)

Thankies in advance! (^_^)