May 21st, 2006

Perhaps slightly off-topic, but...

someone PLEASE hear me out. I'm an rper, and being such a thing nowadays is rather difficult. Anyway, I play Kadaj from FFVII:AC and am looking for other rpers with which to RP with...desperately. If possible, trail my little name thingy to my LJ and post a comment on my latest LJ entry and let me know if you're interested or had a story in mind for the little Sephiroth-wannabe. Thanks muchly..
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There are a lot of variations of icons in this batch, because I liked how all of them turned out. The Lord of the Rings icons and Finding Neverland icons could possibly be **spoilerish**.

Advent Children
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Finding Neverland
Kingdom Hearts II
The Lion King
Lord of the Rings


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