May 15th, 2006

Amelia Hunting

For the love of goodness, people. // Photo Hunt

The number one sign that your obsession with Final Fantasy has gone too far:


By the way, since I am posting, does anyone have any clear screenshots as Sephiroth's looking down at Cloud when he demands that he kneel? I have looked in a capping comm on LJ and through all of Google's search results already without any results. I'd really like a few shots of that scene, because it is simply begging to be an icon. Got it. See ETA.

ETA: I also wanted to know if anyone had a screenshot of the "Keep on Rockin in Midgar" sign after it's been blown off the monument and is set on fire? I want to iconify that as well. If anyone has a larger shot of Sephiroth standing over Cloud, that would be much appreciated as well.
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Liv Tyler

In need of some screencaps.

Hey guys, I have a huge favour I need to ask of someone who has the ability to take high resolution screenshots of the movie. This is going to sound a little weird, but... I need some high res screencaps of Aerith's nose/profile. o_O I'm doing a personal little art project and I'm having trouble drawing her nose right, so I need some printable pictures of her nose from several angles.

I'm looking for pictures primarily from the Calling video, when she turns her head. I need pictures of her profile (her face from the side) and some 3/4 angles. Basically, a bunch of large screencaps of the moments when she turns to face the camera until it cuts back to Cloud would be absolutely fabulous.

If someone could do this for me [and I would love you forever if you could], then just reply here and I'll give you my email address. Thanks in advance!
Sora -- I saved the world

(no subject)

Okay.. I hate to be the guy to post a question that was already asked... but. Does anyone know where to get the AC mood theme? I have it... but I lost some of the files. I'm sure that it was posted in this comm. a month or two back. I check back about 200 entries... but I didn't see it.

Much help would be abliged.
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