May 13th, 2006

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Final Fantasy Land

Mmkay, so my school took us on a trip from Arizona to DisneyLand in California. Well, now that I'm home with like 2hrs of sleep, and really brain dead I've been thinking. (which is bad, I believe) They should SO have a Final Fantasy Land! Like, have rides and stores of merchandise for all the games and Advent Children and stuff! Liiike, maybe some virtual games, some big rides for like each game and then a theatre where you can go watch Advent Children! (And maybe Spirits Within?) And like just like at DisneyLand people would dress up as the characters from each game and such (cosplaying, yay!) And liiike, they could also have shows where you can go watch them act out stuff.
Sounds like a good idea to me, aha. I'm too tired.
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this is probably completely off topic.   but my tv was on cartoons this morning.  

some show called coconut fred on the wb.   well i wasn't paying attention untl i noticed that they were doing a parody of video games.

the coconut was dressed up as cloud.  buster sword and all.... and he was going after this other character who was dressed as a deranged sephiroth marrying a watermelon in a dress.

it was the corniest and funniest thing i've seen.  the Sephiroth character through a bouqet of flowers at the wedding planner saying they were the wrong kind.  anyway, just thought i'd share.  wish i had a clip it was pretty odd to see cloud as a coconut.

all i could find out was the episode is called monkey business/ sir nutalot   (sir nutalot being the one)

sorry that this is totally off topic, but i didn't know who else to share it with.