May 8th, 2006


More AeriSeph ficcage!

I cranked out a few longer things this time, for anyone who's interested.

Dark Promise [R, 125 words] - Seph has a few things to say to Aeris.

Too Much Wine [PG, 100 words] - The prompt for this was 'purple'. You have been warned. ^_~

Counting Down [PG-13, 530 words, Marriage!verse] - It's the waiting that gets to you.

Mistaken Identity [PG-13, 514 words] - You know what they say about assuming...

Promise [PG, 100 words, Kadaj POV] - There's something almost familiar there.
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Advent Children Screen Caps

801 Screencaps in high quality 960 x 540 BITMAP format without subtitles. 4 ZIP files. Lots of Cloud, Reno, Cid, and Vincent because I am partial to them :D To preview a screencap in its full size click HERE. Anyways I thought this was a fitting way to join the community by sharing these with you guys.

( Download Page )
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(no subject)

I wanted to know if anyone had any really good quality pictures or screencaps of Loz. Loz is too hot for words and I need homage. Perferablly really crisp images like in the icon I'm using of Cloud's eye. I know alot of people take really good caps but my only problem is I can't do .zip files.

Thanks in advance!

Gris end

(no subject)

this is off-topic and if it's not allowed i will delete this post, but i got a question for eveyone who make's fan art
some of you also color it on the computer, what program do you use for that? cos i'm about to start my own comic-book, but i first wanna try out the colors on the computer before i ink it on the originals
could anyone help me with this?

  • vasher

Life Fic

Now that the shiny of Advent Children has worn off...or not o.o

First off, many many thanks to the wonderful otilu for beta-ing my glorious mess of a story. You are sincerely appreciated! Also, apologies for the delay, but at least it's decent length, right? *sweatdrop*

Title: A Life of Time, 2/?
Length: ~4400
Rating: PG-13 to R, for now
Pairing: Eventual SxC (or even CxS) plus a smattering of others
Warnings: Eventual yaoi/slash, but gen fans should have no problems at the moment. Plus, many things getting shot and blown up.

Summary: Thrust back into the height of the Wutai War, Cloud Strife, now a battle hardened ex-SOLDIER, struggles to prevent the events leading to General Sephiroth’s betrayal and the burning of Nibleheim.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Final Fantasy or Square. Also, the characters, except for the fat private, are not mine.

Is it real? Probably not...

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