May 6th, 2006

Kadaj longing

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Hi everyone I have a pic request!
I'm gonna make a lifesize kadaj picture!!
The problem is.. I don't really have a good screenshot of him in WHOLE person.
only his face up close or stuff like that.
So please post ANY pictures you have of kadaj, I want a screenshot on him from top to toe!
please help??
tea party

Sinking deeper into the fandom

Hihi all! Some of you may recall the post about my Kadaj license plates. I just added onto my insanity by purchasing a damn good replica of Kadaj's sword from True Swords. My only complaints are the lack of the tassle (which I plan to add) and the obscenely long handle. I guess it couldn't be helped, considering it's the same one as the Masamune. Anyways enough of my blabbering.

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Reminiscence screencaps?

A very nice person made me an icon with Lady Luck from the Highwind for the Twilight Alchemy Lab oil of the same name, and while I was capping it, I wondered if anyone had capped all of Reminiscence yet? I know there are many stills available from the video game, but it's much easier to cap a DVD.

If no one has, I'd be willing to do so at some point this week (especially if it meant that people could make lots of yummy icons from them).
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fanvid: Going Down

Going Down
by ashinae
Song & Artist: "The Current", Blue Man Group and Gavin Rossdale
Size: 18.7mb wmv or 41.1 DivX avi
Summary: <tongue-in-cheek> Cloud Strife - Emo McAngsty. Poor guy can never really catch a break. Except that he can, if he'd just realise he doesn't have to wallow in grief. </tongue-in-cheek>

Download at my journal. Feedback is appreciated.

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sticks, figures drawn by me

Nobody knows what the tissues are for!

Um. I made a Reno mood theme for LJ.. it took me a while to make ^_^; but I guess I kinda forgot to post it here. I made it from one of my pixel dollz, so it's not just a bunch of screenshots or something. :) Hope you guys like.

Also thinking about doing the other turks, and Rufus, but I don't think I'll make 'em unless there's a demand. Takes a lot of work to get the expressions right. ^_^; Any wanters?

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Also, this might seem kinda redundant, but people post a lot of stuff like mood themes, icons, layout, and such to ff communities, and I am tempted to start a community strictly for goodies like that XD
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Vincent Dirge

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Was going through a ton of old DoC vids I had previously seen and I totally forgot about this bit in one of them. It had me laughing for a while so I screen capped it and thought I'd share it....

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So yeah.... Just thought I would share the geeky-ness and love!

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