May 4th, 2006


Aeris/Seph Ficcage

I've done more things for my fanfic100 AeriSeph claim, mostly drabbles, exactly 100 words long except where noted.

Hourglass [PG] - A study of the female form
Delicate [G] - Sephiroth knows how to use his strength
Whipped! [PG: Marriage!verse AU] - Seph is well-behaved. This is why.
Fear to Tread [G] - Entering the Sleeping Forest.
Wish [G: 149 words] - Aeris has one regret.

And I did a couple of Seph and Zack R-rated pieces a couple days ago, if boy-on-boy is more your speed. ^_~
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Devil May CGI

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The Citadel's recent AC contest (previously mentioned here) has come to an end. It took me and three other staffers around four days to settle on the winners, there were that many good entries! At any rate, the winners (along with a few honorable mentions) are now posted here.

(And speaking of AC, got my copy of the Region 1 DVD today; probably going to watch it tonight. Have heard mixed things about the dub, but I'm not a dub person anyway-- what I'm really looking forward to are the bonus features! Anyway, sorry 'bout the tangent... carry on ^_^)
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