April 29th, 2006


Cloud redesign?

Does anyone else think there was a signficant redesign of Cloud mid-production? I wasn't following the fandom closely until this past winter, so I don't know if there was discussion about this back in 2004 when it seems the redesign took place.

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If you watch the early trailers, all the way through E3 2004 (and I'm sure I've watched that trailer before, so I don't know why I didn't notice this previously), Cloud's face just looks signficantly different than he does in the movie. His cheeks are rounder (cheekbones lower?), his eyes are ... I don't if I would say larger, but there's something different about them. His lips look poutier as well and his skin is also slightly darker and his hair is more of a golden tone, the way it is in the game (and in the CALLING sequence, incidentally).

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So what do you think? Am I on target here? I think there are still some shots in the movie where Cloud still looks like this (the scene walking past the stained glass windows, which is also in this trailer; CALLING; maybe a few others).

I like the way Cloud ended up looking; it suits the atmosphere of the movie (everything is sort of faded and washed out, including his hair!), and I think it's an interesting design. But it's certainly strange to see how they altered their designs! I think that this might be due to a decision on the creators' parts to not try to make the characters look photo-realistic. The way Cloud's (and other character's) designs ended up, there is a sort of unearthly, inhuman quality that nags at me because otherwise they are so realistic. This is the source of a great deal of my pleasure in the movie. I think they made a good decision. It's fun to see the other Cloud though, because he looks more human (it's kind of creepy).