April 28th, 2006

Dirge of Cerberus icons/screenies.

If this has already been asked about, just point me in the right direction. Put the guns away. :O

But does anyone know where I might be able to find some Dirge of Cerberus icons, or some DoC trailer screenshots? More specifically, the trailer as seen on the Advent Children SE DVD just released. And even more specifically ... the closeup of his wicked cool gold claw-hand (omfg roboclaw!).

If anyone could help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it! I'd take my own screenies if I could, but my laptop (read: the only computer in the house with a DVD player) crapped out on me a while back. D<

edit: Solved! Next on my list... anyone know where I can find other Vincie screenies and perhaps a moodtheme? :D

ANOTHER EDIT: Okay, strike what I said before, because I couldn't find a roboclaw screenie. SOMEONE. I WANT THAT ROBOCLAWWW. DDDD:
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Rufus: My #1 Favorite Character!

The reason...

I think I figured out why Last Order was not included with the American release.

I was looking at the upcoming games trailers, and A LOT of the Last Order footage was used for the Before Crisis and Crisis Core trailers!

So why give us the actual animated feature when they can just hack it up for promotional purposes?

mokona_modoki&#39;s Cloud icon

some screenshots from my dvd


sephiroth is very weird :P


no trying to make sonic booms with your swords at home now kiddies


i dont know... i just like this one

there are a lot more so just check around my album if you want to see more :P
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Princess Tutu - Tutu

icon, stuff...

so, the "result" that i mentioned in this post isn't coming along as quickly as i'd like, not having found the type of picture i had in mind (i was hoping there was a fairly large/HQ portrait shot [concept art] of Turk!Vincent floating around the net somewhere - alas!)

however, i did come up with this little icon in the meantime

texture by cdg

if you use this icon, please comment and credit blackrose_icons

also, if anyone can point me in the direction of a large turk vincent pic, i would be ever-grateful, and will also get around to finishing my vincent-project.