April 26th, 2006


So, uh yeah.

Okay, I preordered my Advent Children through Gamestop. And along with the 2 discs, came a bonus disc, which is basically just a maknig of Advent Children, even though they have that in the 2nd disc of it anyways.

Was jsut kind of curious if anyone else got it.

And also if no one else did, I'll be happy to post the content of such in here, if there was such a demand for it.

Other than that, enjoy Advent Children everyone!

Oh, by the way was it me or were some of the English voices horrifying, and the translation horrible as well?
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so today i was sitting outside fangirling internally about AC while eating my lunch, & a bird landed in a tree nearby. it started doing this weird call, & the first thing i thought was that it sounded JUST like "zuruzuruzuruzuru!" now, this could be b/c i'm on crack (most likely XD), but it could also be nature celebrating the DVD release, right?!

anyone else had any random Advent Children moments? or am i the only crazy one? ^^;
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Magical Aeris

looking for AC subs

I'm not quite sure how to say what I'm looking for, I guess that's why I'm having trouble finding it, LoL
I'd like to get a copy of the script for AC, but in Japanese. Not the Japanese characters mind you, but the phonetic Japanese words. The only example I have is how Tifa says, 'Zuruzuru... Zuruzuru..." I'm not sure what that's called... any help would be greatly appreciated :D
Multi-lingual Seph

AC Quote Icons

Mutli-Lingual AC Quotes! Yup, nothing like making use of all those subtitle tracks XD I have 6 quotes in 6 languages each (Japanese, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Traditional Mandarin Chinese) plus one animated one per quote for 35 icons in total! I'm sorry I couldn't do Thai and Korean D: I don't know those well enough.

Example icon is the one I'm posting with. ^_^

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About the DVD ...

Hey, this is the best place to ask, sooo ...

I got my DVD today (pre-ordered from Amazon), but, when I was watching it, the sound kept on fading every so often -- so the music/voice tracks would get softer then louder, fluctuating back and forth throughout the entire film. But, it's only the actual movie that does that; the extras seem to be fine. Did anyone else have this issue with the DVD? I watched it in Japanese with English subs.

Just wanted to check with other people who've watched the DVD before I contact Amazon if I have a faulty DVD ... thanks!! I'm so happy to have the actual DVD in my hands, though. (:
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So, most of you still remember the FF7 Flash Project that wickedorin is heading, right?

Well, the Cloud VA of the project and myself (who plays Zack, Reno, and Sephiroth), got into a crack-filled conference over the weekend and Orin recorded the whole thing, and edited down the 40 minute goodness to at least a minute.

Not recommended for those who can possibly die of laughter.

Cloud, Sephiroth, Reno, and Zack go CRAZY!!!!!

Well, I hope most of you enjoy it.

God, I've made too many posts here at this community....am I going to Hell for this?
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