April 25th, 2006


Random Vincent post? Yes, please.

So I just...I have to point out a few screencaps of wisdom jizz..

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On another note....my DVD better show up in the mail today. Mail service in GA is really homosexual.

ALSO: I was wondering...to the others who have watched the Japanese AC many many many times, doesent it sound so...weird in English? I've been watching these teasers everyone's been posting and my face has been nothing but this:  o__O and my thoughts, this: "wtf...?"

A total moment of fangirling, pathetic, I know.

I have it.

I have it in my hand.

Granted, I have the subbed version on my computer, which is walking devourable smex, in my opinion, but there's something about holding the wrapped box in hand and just staring at it. I'm actually hesitant to open it, but I know I will and completely have a spasm during the movie. Voices nonwithstanding, I can just enjoy the eye-candy and the wonderful characters and the beautiful work of the staff that loved the game so much they decided to grace us with another instillment.

For everyone who doesn't have a copy yet (and =P to you folks who got yours early!), go to Wal-Mart or Target; they have Advent Children plus Final Fantasy: Spirits Within for only twenty bucks. Which beats all the gaming stores and Best Buy hands down. I considered ordering mine online, but I wanted it in my hand on release day, so I played hooky from work and went to do so.

So, from the deepest regions of my heart, and I'm sure from all the fans too, I give a HUGE thank you to Tetsuya Nomura and all the people who loved the characters enough to bring them back for a second round. May blessings rain down upon you.

That said, let's just enjoy the movie.
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Plz don't remove my head!

Just saw the movie!!! Hi, new member.

I overall loved it, and am SOOOOOO GLAD I preordered for it and eventually about the 2 disc DVD special edition after waiting for at least over a year.

My own personal review of the film. WARNING: SPOILERS to those who haven't seen Advent Children yet!

Most fave characters from the game and movie overall: Reno, Sephiroth, Cloud, RedXIII, Tifa, Cid, and Barret.

Did some FF7:AC icons and a couple banners. Will post them up under a cut eventually. Well, my current default icon ya see is one of them.

I've yet to do AC AMVS. I just got started with AMV making. Working on an Elfen Lied one. Once I finish, I could start two at one time, perhaps, including one of my Advent Children AMV ideas I got stored in the back of my mind. All of the ones that'll feature clips from Advent Children will KICK ASS. I definitely know my way around music, and I'm very visionary when it comes to any creation.

I've sorta started a random self insertion "what if" fic called: The Jenova/Geostigma Experiment. Anyone interested in reading that? It's got a very dark storyline and my original badasses for characters, minor and major, are pretty interesting. The what if idea I started to write out was...what if there were these guys from our future, and they've discovered Cloud's world with their highly advanced technology? And what if they pull someone out of the past of our world and put the two in a very thorough experiment? If ya are the slightest intrigued by this, please post a reply. I'd be happy to share the first 3 finished chapters. Actually, I don't know if I'll even finish this. It's on the most part a temporary thing. And I might be slow in finishing the next chapter, due to my AMV project and other stuff.

Not much else to say, since everything else is in my review of the movie, so hi! ^^

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Just some drabbles.

Title: February 7th
Author _012607
Rating: PG
Length: 558
Pairing: Cloud/Aerith
Summary: February 7th, Cloud walks up to Aerith’s room, flowers in hand.


Title: Spoils of War
Author _012607
Rating: PG
Word count: 401
Characters: Cloud, Zack and Aerith.
Summary: They call him a living legend, but he just calls himself a modern day tragedy.


ok, some1 help me settle this

Can anyone get me some frame-by-frame caps of two "mistakes" (read: nitpicks) I noticed? Sis and I are fighting about them. I got Power DVD but my version won't let me go frame-by-frame. I hate it!

Okay, the first nitpick I told her about was when Kadaj kneels in front of Wheel Chair Guy- his sword, watch closely, appears to sink INTO the wooden floor.

The second- when Cloud is having his flashback to his surprise discussion with Aerith (he's relaly with Vincent and Marlene but woosh, flashes back briefly), the breeze is moving the neck of his shirt back and forth... and his ear ring hoop appears to be going right through it a few times, instead of being pushed by it?

I know, I'm retarded for noticing minor, unimportant nitpicks... but I love them, no nyah! :P*** To me they're like finding "Hidden Mickeys". Especially with a movie as *nearly* flawless as AC (animation wise, don't get me started on the dialogue though).

EDIT: http://grygon.critter.net/gallery/view_photo.php?set_albumName=Misc&id=swordsinks