April 22nd, 2006


AC Flowers

Very random question, but I am currently picking out flowers for my wedding and I love the ones that grow in the church in Advent Children. I think they are lilies but Im not sure, anyone know for sure?
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the english dub

okay, so i work at a little dinky video store, and we get our movies just a little bit early.

and we got advent children.

so i took the liberty in watching it.

in all honesty, the dub was quite decent. i wouldn't say that i prefer it to the original japanese dialogue, but it's not half bad. the only complaints i have are that every so often, an actor gets thrown a cheesy line, or a cheesy way of saying it.

you'll know what i mean when you see it... but during the first ''bike fight'' between cloud, loz, yazoo, and the shadowreapers, loz says ''where's mother?'' and he sounds like he's either drunk or retarded. but all in all... i'd say that the dub is most definately worth watching. it takes a LOT of getting used to if you're like me and watched the sub 5 million times sense 9/14/05...

don't be close minded when it comes to the dub of the movie, really... i was EXTREMELY skeptical about it, but it wasn't nearly as bad as i imagined.

so, give it a chance. who knows, you might just like it.

score: 7/10
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Bring the Turk some love!


Elena fans? Anywhere? Somewhere? Hellooooo?!

Poor gal gets kicked around and forgotten even in canon. Which is funny because I imagine she has mad hateration skills. I digress.

Yes, I suck so bad at comm promotion. But I know there's more than ten of us out there. ^^;
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