April 21st, 2006

DVD Quality Goodness!!!!

I'm sorry, but these shots are so goregous (the Quality on the DVD is phenomenal) that I figured I'd share everyone what's to expect in what we've been waiting three years for.

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Well, that's all. If I took anymore caps, I'd probably spoil it for the few who still haven't seen the movie. Anyway, enjoy the high-res caps!!!

Like I said, I'm here to entertain AND inform!!!


I forgot to post the picture of the DVD menu:

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And yes it is animated, and yes it starts off with Sephiroth.

More AC Dub DVD Goodness!

They were requested. I'm sorry for back-to-back posting.

Not screencaps this time! VIDEOS!!!

The quality isn't that good, since I took my digi-cam and videotaped the movie directly off the screen, but the clips serve their purpose.

First off:

We have the pheonmenally done Zack dub with Rick Gomez as his voice!
Advent Children Zack Dub
And lastly:

THE HORRORS OF THE ADVENT CHILDREN DUB!!! Starring Yazoo and Loz. Rude and Reno good enough to pass.
Let's Just Call this One "You Meanie!"
I still can't believe they gave Loz a line like that.

And, as an added bonus:

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Jeez, you people are gonna be the reason why I lose sleep, drop out of school, and die an early death....I lose sleep!!!

And with that, I'm calling it a night.
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Vincent Dirge

A little help please...

Er, can anyone help me (not mentally of course - I am too far gone for that)? I need this picture of Cid Highwind from AC

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If any one can link me to a picture or such then I would be most grateful - my DVD should arrive tomorrow - its early!!! But I need the piccy soonest.
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This is wrong

About a month or two ago my friend suggested, while I was playing around with FF7, that I change Reno's uniform into something more formal....
Alas, Poor Reno.

Anyways, has anyone found wallscrolls of Advent Children other than the one with Cloud and Kadaj? I saw two posters, one of Cloud on the Advent Children bike and the title one with Cloud and Seph.
I got a wallscroll of FF7 Cloud on his bike, so I was hoping they had the Advent Children bike one on a wallscroll too.
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Jeez, you people have already heard so much from me that you're ready to kill me.

Well, with 4/20 being yesterday, and an oddly timed pause moment with the DVD, I HAD to post this:

Seriously, whoda thunk it that Reno smoked it up?
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Priceless, isn't it?

*runs away*