April 17th, 2006

FFVIII-deliver me in a black winged bird


Another fic I wrote for my claim on Avalanche at fanfic100 (which, if I may say, there are frighteningly few active FFVII writers there...I think there are three of us that post semi-regularly...if you write FFVII fic go apply for a claim! And if you have one...post!)

Title: In the Breakdown
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Characters:Cloud, briefly Tifa
Prompt: 061: Winter
Word Count: 534
Rating: PG
Summary: Cloud finally lets himself react to the events at the Forgotten Capital
Author's Notes: No spoilers unless you're completely in the dark to the fandom and in that case this won't make any sense anyway :p

( fake cut to the ficjournal... )
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