April 4th, 2006

A - あ


Well, I went to the Los Angeles ArcLight screening of Advent Children today. In my journal, I have a spoiler-free - yet admittedly somewhat sleep-deprived-rambling - tale of my day there, from morning to night.
And in case you were worried about the dub quality based on what you heard in KH II? Well, in my opinion - and in the opinion of everybody else I've heard from who was there - the Advent Children dub is much better than the KH II dub. MUCH better.


If anybody's interested, I've finished a few more fics for my Aeris and Sephiroth claim at fanfic100, all linked back to my journal.
Forbidden - 155 words, PG-13
Scarlet Woman - 159 words, PG-13, light m/m
Years - 422 words, G
Professional Help - 965 words, PG, AU Marriage!verse, Daddy!Seph

I also uploaded one piece of fanart based on my favorite three Sephiroth pairings at DeviantArt. Two-thirds yaoi and one-third het, really strange but completely work safe. And no, I wasn't smoking anything. :P
Three Little Birds