March 25th, 2006

  • grygon

Buckles... ze buckles! a Cloud-costume rave/rant/seeking-of-enlightenment

Good lordy... today I took about 50 screen caps from start of AC to the part exactly where Yazoo first kicks Cloud in the 3 on 1 fight (it's there for like 2 frames, look hard). Had to stop cause my wrist was dead but I plan on finishing the movie.

I wanted to take my own caps cause it is SO hard to find good screens of Cloud's costume. And being a stickler for details, I want details! Even the best fanart I've looked art is missing a lot of details.

I gotta say... that boy has more buckles than he has freckles. O. M. G. What do all those small buckles/ties/etc. on his pants even DO?! The ones on the front/bottom look like they hold up part of his pants so you can see parts of his awesome-shoes. But there's two more on the inside of each pant leg, a few inches higher...? And is he wearing pants UNDER his pants? O.o

And... in one screen cap I managed I noticed he has a belt underneath that odd half-skirt thing to hold his baggy pants up. Never seen that before! This makes this detail-whore detailgasmic. ;) His skirt-thing slips down just an inch or two at the start of the 3 on 1 fight and there it is, a belt. O.o

While I'm at it- does any one happen to have Cloud-costume-specs? Like, detailed? And preferably line-drawn. That's the main reason I'm having such trouble piecing his clothes togather, they're so dark. If not, well... I'll be making specs then from all these Cloud-ref caps. ;)

BTW, what do we call his skirt-thing... officially?

EDIT: I feel obligated to say that I agree with zerstoerung's word of "chap", like in a coyboy's chaps, to describe Cloud's leg-thing as calling it a type of skirt or apron really doesn't describe it cause it doesn't even look like a skirt or apron... it DOES look more like a chap. :)

ShinRa moodtheme

Long time lurker, but my first actual post here! I just finished a ShinRa mood theme that I'm particularly proud of, so I figured I'd share with you guys :D

Full Preview

It's up for grabs over here at my icon journal.

and while I'm at it: twenty FF7 icons here, twenty-two Dirge of Cerberus icons here, thirteen Cloud icons here, twenty-six assorted Advent Children over here and here. Okay, so my icon journal is one big FF7 orgy ^^;

Note: Textless icons aren't bases, comments are appreciated (I wanna know what you like so I can keep doing it!), credit is a must.

Hopefully that's a good offering for my first post? :)