March 22nd, 2006

FFVIII-deliver me in a black winged bird

Tifa fic!

Title: Steel Frost
Author: summonerluna (aka yuna_lockhart)
Characters: Tifa Lockhart
Word Count: 853
Rating: PG
Summary: What happened at the Forgotten City from Tifa's POV
Author's Notes: Spoilers if you know absolutely nothing about the fandom I guess, but if you've played the game or even played through the end of disc 1 (*cough*), or seen AC, then you're safe. (and if you're in this community I hope at least one of those applies *g*)

Down the crystal steps...
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Alright, question under the cut. It's not a spoiler or anything just there is a banner and I would like to know some stuff about it. Any help would be grand ^-^

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Thank you for your time ^-^
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