March 21st, 2006

  • 9tails

The Return of Sephiroth. Again.

Ladies, gentlemen, and the often widely unacknowledged transgendered muppets of our community:

The God With A Big Flappy Shadow Wing has landed. Quite literally, in fact.

Translation Thereof: Gorgeous new CG picture of Sephiroth, looking simultaneously psychotic and like he needs a mother’s hug. Minus the tentacles and the plots for world domination of course, but by the time he arrives at kindergarten, I have no doubt in my mind that it will be tragically inevitable.

Tall, Dark and Lurksome is gracing us with his presence on the front of the Reunion File book (relevant and incredibly useful information from the brilliant folk over at to be released in early May, so I suggest we all leap at our no doubt empty wallets, or start plotting to hold up the nearest bank. Yes, it’s probably a ploy of Square’s to leak us all dry, but it is time for us to face facts – we are like magpies, and Sephiroth is a whole lot of shiny. The actual contents of said book will no doubt be exciting and informative, along with the additional artwork, but, damnit, the emotionally-stunted shiny.