March 18th, 2006

Hi, nice to meet you.

I’m new to livejournal and hope to make some friends.

I really like AC but was disappointed the lack of screentime Elena had got :/
Otherwise it kicked ass, and I even got a few new pairs from it :D
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Hey, I'm new to this community and as you can see, I'm a Reno fan. I liked how they made Reno in Advent Children, I thought he seemed more fleshed out and healthy looking than in the game. I don't have many friends on LJ (just people I know in real life who're on LJ) so I hope to make new friends here. Any other Reno/Turks fans? :D
Sephiroth statue - Peace

Headers and icons, oh my!

Hey all, I've made some pitiful attempts using PSP 6 to make some icons and headers... I must admit that this was my first time fooling around with textures and filters and honest to god downloaded fonts, so any constructive criticism (for PSP 6) would be welcome.

x2 Loz
x1 Kadaj

x4 Sephiroth (statue)
x1 Sephiroth (Last Order)

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Comments aren't needed although concrit is welcome and begged for... editing them or using as bases is fine too. But please credit if used!

EDIT: BLARG! Forgot to mention! All textures courtesy of Soar Above The Sky.
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