March 16th, 2006

Tenshi no Hohoemi

Sample FF7 Early File translation

Hey everyone. ^_^

I was leafing through my Ultima Omega guide and remembered that I had wanted to take a crack at a section in the "Omega no Akashi" (Omega Evidence) chapter. The Early File is pretty much what it sounds like - early, peliminary ideas and storylines that were considered but eventually thrown out or altered for the finished game. I decided to attempt a short easy one first, but I'm working on my next one as well....

I'm going to be posting this translation, as well as any others I may do with the original Japanese characters included in case anyone else wants a look at the original (and can point out any mistakes that I made X_x; ), so you may get the "Install Japanese Language Pack" prompt from your browser if it is not already installed. Also, I usually put each seperate sentence on it's own line to make it easier to tell where one begins and another ends. Anyway, it's all under the cut folks. ^_^

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I was browsing le interweb the other day, saved a couple of icons, and realized I forgot who made them. I did make an honest effort to find out who made them, without luck.

I'd really appreciate help.
Thank you so much. So sorry for being spam-like.

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And here's some crap-tastic icons I made awhile ago, because I feel bad having a useless post.

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Sephiroth AC - OMGWTF

The real life Potion (slightly OT)

I realize this may be slightly off topic for the FF7 board, but I think some people will get a kick out of it.

As some of you may know, Suntory and Square Enix have teamed up and created an energy drink called Potion, mostly as advertising for Final Fantasy XII. At last, fannits of all shapes and sizes could sample the real life Potion that Cloud, Squall, and Tidus drank!

I live in Japan, and recently my local store began stocking the drink. Tonight I picked up a bottle and drank it, posting my thoughts as they occured to my personal Livejournal.

If anyone is interested in a blow by blow recount of what a Potion tastes like...

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Me in red 2013


I'm back XD I found out some new techniques and got some new brushes (:O) so..
I made you all more icons :D...and I actually covered SEVERAL characters of AC this time XD I'll be sure to cover the rest ASAP!

You know the rules:
comment makes me keep making icons..and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy..

If you would like to friend me, please do-as I am always looking for interesting, fun people (who may be alittle bit out of their minds..but that is ok..)



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More FF7 Early File Translations!

Hey all!

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments! I'm glad that you guys are as excited about this as I am. ^_^

This section is for those of us who would've liked to have seen Jenova and Black Caped/Numbered Clones take a more active role in the story-line. But, be warned, this is probably full of more insanity than the original game.... x_x; As well as full of my futile attempts to try and explain what the hell is going on...

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