March 12th, 2006

Sephiroth statue - Peace

Sephiroth statue ahoy!

Hey gang, remember that absolutely fragging gorgeous lifesized statue that Square Enix set up in their Character Store? Well, my friend and I were able to go and visit it a few weeks ago. In case any of you are interested, I have a few pictures that I took...

Like THIS.

If you'd like to see them, head over to my Photobucket Account HERE and check them all out. There are about 40 pictures from every conceivable angle I could manage. Some of them are very weird angles but were meant to be bases for icons, hence... weird angles. >.> And there are FAR too many of his hips, chest, and... other credentials... I am a smutty person, it seems. Feel free to use these images for your own stuff, just please give credit.

Oh, and speaking of icons...

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*crossposted liek whoa, sorry for spamming up your flists*

EDIT: After popular demand, the picture is back in smaller size. ^^
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Final Fantasy Plushies/PS3 Tech Demo

Hey all! I bring plushie goodness. I have this obsession with Final Fantasy that's driven me to make some of the characters in textile cuddliness. I made a big Red XII plush, because he's such a neat character. I made a chocobo because they're really cute. And I made a Cloud because Advent Children has brainwashed me 0.0 Please, click, look and comment ^_^ I want improvement advice and stuff. - Red XIII - Chocobo - Cloud
If anyone likes these or wants a custom plush of their own please say so! I need to make some money to buy myself a copy of Advent Children :-) I'll consider any character/creature/summon you can think up. And I'm currently working on a moomba plush.

Also, has anyone seen this?
It's a tech demo showing the introductory scene of FFVII but in muchly upgraded, AC style graphics. Is FFVII actually being remade for the PS3?? I MUST know.
Thanks in advance for any info on this.
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(( Okay this is a one shot of Reno and Rufus, I would like to do a longer fic, when I work out a story line, but for now that's all.

Also this is my first time doing any yaoi pairing, or any love making sequences in all my writing. However, I have written as Rufus before. ))

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