March 11th, 2006

Final Fantasy 7: Dismantled Revisited

Hi :)

I don't know if some of you guys remember (you probably don't :P) but a while ago I made a post asking about Final Fantasy VII Kaitai Shinsho or Final Fantasy VII: Dismantled, apparantly this book published quite a while ago (without my knowledge XD) that includes staff interviews and character monologues! Really I just wanted the character monologues. Unfortunately nobody *cough* replied my post so I assumed nobody else knew about it.

So I did some extensive and rather crafty google searching (God bless that search engine :P) and after a few *weeks* I found a few of the monologes. I've posted them up on my lj, they're in the first post. I sure hope this is allowed. It's just I know that there are some people out there who may not know where to find them, but want to read them. I only have most of the monologues that I've found up on my lj. If you want to view them at their source, you can talk to those who actually translated them. I've put up the links on my lj, so you can mosey (XD) on over and ask them (as well as thank them) yourselves.

Oh, and if some of the translators are actually reading this post, let me take this opportunity to say:
Because straight up, these monologues are so love!

Anyway, that's it. Right now there's only monologues from Cloud, Aerith and Tifa. If there's anyone out there who knows where to get monologues from the other characters, please let me know :)

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