March 6th, 2006

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Cosplay! Again. XD [Yazoo and Reno]

Hi everyone, K.Nereid and I are back again with more cosplay crack (and her with the eye candy of course)!


Cosplayer: Me
Costume: Yuanie and myself
Makeup: Requiem, Nereid and Himiko
Wig styling: Reiko

Cosplayer, costume, makeup: Kamishiro Nereid
Wig styling: Himiko

Thanks also to our photographers Himiko, Requiem and Miwitch! ♥

Only five pictures this time round though! >o<;; *bows* Gomen! Hopefully we'll post more when Nereid gets her pics nicely resized and stuff.

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Yeah, I'm actually contributing something. Amazing, isn't it? ^_^

It's just a light little comedy fic about the ever-wonderful SHM having a bad day.

Title: Three Men and a Bike
Characters: Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo
Prompt: A comedy about the spirits
Rating: PG, for mild swearing.
Summary: Loz's bike crashes, leading the SHM to have a rough day.
Warnings: As said earlier, there's some mild cursing, but that's about it.
Author's Notes: My first finished Advent Children fic, and a slight OOC comedy at that, so please go easy on me. ^^;;

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Random Little Ditty

This may not be the most important of things, but I figured I'd dish it out a little early.

Anyone remember when I did that crack filled 'Sephiroth Explains Why AC Is Delayed' thingy?


Well, I'm doing it for a skit at an upcoming anime convention.

I figured I'd let you all know just in case any of you think I'm stealing off of myself, which could be possible.

Anyway, yeah. Just throwing that out there.

And of course I'll do the Reno one when I get a chance.

That is all.

Supernatural - Dean Angel

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I have a question for you fine Final Fantasy fans.

Has it ever crossed your mind that Disney has a bad influence on our poor poor Square Enix? I mean Kingdom Hearts came out in 2002 combining Disney and Square Enix in one great game. BUT Disney is famous for their squeals to about every movie they make. Final Fantasy X-2 came out 2003 and soon plans for FF7 squeals hit the air. Did Disney have an influence on Square Enix? What do you guys think?
Me in red 2013

Wee I'm Back..A Little

I disapeared for a while-but I'm back now. I can't say I come with very much to offer you this time ;_; But I tried between being ill, work, and school-now things have calmed down, so I should be around more often!

I bring what you expected: Icons/Headers..what else??
I have an icon journal if you'd like to add that (though, all of the Advent Children graphics I make while still go here-all or most ♥ ) I would love you forever (or at least a little!):japanese_vodka

BUT-I have gifts for you! ( they're not all Cloud..^_^)

-comment/credit..please ♥

if you want to see anything, let me know-or if you want something made ♥

Icons: 1 (;_;)
Headers: 3

Advent Children
Koda Kumi

Advent Children

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I hope you enjoyed that short..snippet-most of those were experiments...sooo if they didn't look so hott-tell me, if they did..then I guess say that too so I can make more ^_^
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