March 3rd, 2006


Fic: AeriSeph

Title: Remember
Characters: Sephiroth, Aeris, Yuffie, Lord Godo.
Prompt: 007 - Days
Word Count: 982
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sephiroth thinks about two days that completely changed his view.
Warnings: Slight violence, fluff, pretty What-If/AU because of the pairing.
Author's Notes: So I'm actually trying to make some kind of a contribution to the comm instead of just bumming around. This is the first fic I've written for my claim at fanfic100.

Hi ho, fake cut, away!

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Last batch of icons for a while. I made them while I was stuck on one of those request fics I'm writing. (I'll get them done! I swear by the lady Diana!) Basically I was just seeing how many Vincent icons I could make using the same basic look. There's eight of them. -sweatdrop- I need a hobby.

There's also a couple of other icons I made using doujinshi scans from So Da Sexy


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EDIT: Forgot this one:

Total credit to bowie_spawan. It was her fanart that inspired it.

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An lj pal of mine is starting a community. an advent children rp community.

now i'm aware that tons of other communities on this subject are floating around here. but i think this is a cool thing. you get to, not only choose a character but a storyline. it can be canon to the advent children storyline. or one completely different.

i haven't joined yet myself, and although i'm not a roleplayer. i would like to give it a shot. i have dabbled in it in the past, but nothing i really liked.

so if you are interested. which you should be, since we're all fans.

check out the site. and contact the maintainer.

at least help a new community become as badass as this one. :)