February 28th, 2006

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viltgance = sakupyoncandy

fujikujaku: And I totally need to finish my Sephiroth claim. D: But. Lazy. *throws bread at Sephiroth*
viltgance: *throws ketchup at him*
viltgance: Bread x Ketchup = Sephiroth's downfall
viltgance: *Bread + Ketchup
fujikujaku: Ahaha, yes! He doesn't stand a chance! XD
viltgance: ..I wonder what a hybrid of Bread and Ketchup would look like.
fujikujaku: You should draw it. o_o

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Hope you all don't mind if I share some more icons. ^^

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
[2]CloudxKadaj -variations
[1]Friends Only Banner


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Title: Snowflake
Author: fathoms_deep
Rating: R for language
Summary: A lot of imagery... CidxVincent, while Vincent is suffering from a debilitating flu that's been going around. Not quite humorous, but something to read.

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I know this was completely random. Forgive me. I needed to finish it. The first version was much longer and got annoying to keep up with.. in the end, I wanted a nice, beautiful scene with Cid and Vincent - kinda like another "All of Us Monsters" fic but not really. Oh well. My Muses are being fickle lately.
And I am sure I posted another version of this on the site somewhere... just ignore it. Or delete it or something.

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