February 27th, 2006


Fanfic requests

I have finished one of the reqeusts! This one is for soulfire003. I'm not quite sure how I did keeping the characters actually in character, but I tried. But anyways. The link will take you to the story, located at my site, Masochistic Beauty. This will happen for all of the fics, as I tend not to post fics in a journal entry and I killed my ff.net account.

Title: Stranger in Ajit
Fandom: Final Fantasy (duh)
Characters: Kadaj, Vincent
Disclaimer: If I owned them...yeah...let's not go there.
Rating: PG
Request sentence: It occurred to him then, all at once, that a cold sweat had broken out over most of his body, and he quickly reached up to unzip the top of his coat, unable to stand such discomforts.

Stranger in Ajit


PS: If anyone can come up with a better title for it, feel free to suggest it! -can't title worth a crap-

PS again: animekittysama, I should have your request done within the next few days!

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Hi, I'm new to the community, and just trying to being a bit of happy slashness to the world. 8D It's a Vincent/Cloud fanfic that I wrote for Afreal a while back for her birthday, and now that she's given the OK to post it, here it is!
Title: The Moon, Sin, and Redemption
Characters: Vincent Valentine and Cloud Strife. Mention of Tifa, but mainly those two.
Rating: PG, maybe an uber light PG-13, not too sure.
Snippit!: Vincent lowered his head, ashamed at what he had become, at what he was, at the light that bounced of his arm and was separated into a million small points of light, at the eyes that were the color of the blood that pulsed through his heart that seemed to no longer beat, of the memories that played behind closed lids.
Slash warning!
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