February 24th, 2006

Mena Suvari and Racheal Leigh Cook Interviews!

Sorry to bother you again *is shot* but I seriously thought this was too interesting to pass up. I found this on youtube and nearly wet myself.

So we all know that Mena Suvari is the new Aerith and Racheal LC is gonna be Tifa, but how are they gonna sound? Well there's a video up on youtube not only showing clips of their characters in Kingdom Hearts 2, but also how each of them feel about their respective FF girl. Personally I think they'll do a good job. Though I'm partial to Mandy Moore as Aerith, but who knows maybe Mena will do a slightly better job in AC...

I don't know but watching these interviews made me really excited for AC again! I can't wait to see both of them in the movie :). Only about two months left guys!

Oh, and there are minor spoilers for KH2 in here, obviously.

clicky for the interviews

Edit: Steve Burton's interview (though disappointingly short) is now up at the MTV's Kingdom Hearts page here. I think out of all of the voice actors, definitely Burton's the best. His Cloud = sex, plain and simple. Makes me proud to be a Cloud fangirl *waves the banner*.
FFVIII-deliver me in a black winged bird

Oh the irony

I wasn't planning on posting any of my cosplay photos from this past weekend at Katsucon in the community, but I'd forgotten my friend (Tifa) had this picture on her camera and figured if anybody would appreciate the humor it would be you guys :)

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And on the topic of the ribbons...it was a constant debate during the weekend over whether they are red or pink. To me they look red. To her they look pink. What do you all think? (And I sincerly appologize for that terrible rhyming, it was *not* intentional :p)
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Hi there=)

hello,i'm new and adore final fantasy Ⅶ so much!! also have seen advent children and love it too.
am looking for lj friends who has the same interests and can share with me,so plz add me if you want=) (leave a comment please before you add.)