February 22nd, 2006


News For UK Fans


Just thought I'd mention this, as no-one else has yet. Amazon.co.uk have sent me an e-mail about cheap up & coming DVDS including our beloved Advent Children.

So the UK date seems to co-incide with the US date (which surprised me as I thought it would be 6 months later. I really should've read the press release all the way through), and the price isn't too bad either.

So far so good, but then you get to the synopsis:
A genetically engineered soldier, reported as missing in action, returns to exact revenge on his creators.

Say what?!? :p


Does anybody have a list of ages the characters are in FFVII? I prefer the game ages, as it will be easy to figure out ages in Advent Children after I know. Rumours of Cloud being any of sixteen, eighteen, twenty, or twenty-two years of age are driving me and my cousin up the wall.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me answers!


Two Turk icons

Just two icons involoving the turks, mostly Reno, because he's the shit, and I've been reading too many Rufus x Reno fics lately.

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Credit and Comment, if taking any.
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