February 21st, 2006


Hey I have a quick request. Has any of the chapters of Before Crisis been translated into English? If so, can someone please tell me where I can read them? I really wanna know what's going on but um...I can't read japanese so...any help will be appreciated :)
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  • grygon

Question on the official (japan) releases

about a month or two i bought a special edition dvd (2 disks). i tried watching the movie once but had problems with the chapters. there are none. annoying.

so, wanting to see my favorite part right away i only watched about the first 10 minutes before fast forwarding. the first ten minutes were fine. shortly after i fast forwarded though the picture got jumpy like it was having compression issues? there was even one part it froze on me for several minutes.

i have since not tried to watch it again nor have had time to check the other parts of the dvd or the second disk. i'm just wondering if anyone else has had problems or if i'm just damn lucky. ;) the ebayer i bought it from isn't on ebay any more. but the soundtrack that came with the dvds are fine, so i don't think it was the ebayer who sold me a bad disk or anything. maybe it's my player?
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(no subject)

Yo. Where's a good place to find Advent Children screencaps? I'm too lazy to look myself... so if anyone knows of a site, I'd greatly appreciate the help.