February 20th, 2006

(I don't know if this is allowed T_T if it's not, pelase just delet it!)

Honoria is an livejournal of an another universe rp community where you can play as your favourite characters from consoles or computer games (and that includes FF Advent Children's characters as well ^^). The rp passes at Honoria, a school that teaches youth to have controll and increase their powers, from mental powers to abilities with a knife. You can still be a professor, student, cooker, punishment men, etc, which ever suits your personality.
If you are interested, come and take a look ^-^~ and be welcomed to Honoria!

SHM lefties...

Looking at pics of Yazoo, one of the chars I'm writing for in 50_themes, and I just now realized he's a lefty. Kadaj and Loz seems to be too, though I haven't gone and looked too closely for them as I did Yazoo.

Is this some how signif? I know there is tons of symbology in this movie, so just wondering. :)
ginkagu sleep

FFVIIAC bags an award in Tokyo

i'm sorry if this has been posted before ^^;;; as the title says, yup, FFVIIAC won Best Visual Designer for Nomura Tetsuya at Digital Content Year 2005 Awards in Tokyo on 1st Feb recently. and the good news is, he promised that there will be more spin-offs for FFVII. cheers!!!!!!~~ ;D

...and i incredibly n00b at tags >.>;; *flee*
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Hey, all. It's me again. No, I don't have more icons for you. Nor do I have any dolls. This is purely me asking for people to RP with.

Yeah. I need someone who would play Zack to my Cloud over at B-O-Y-S at greatestjournal. My Cloud is lonely and I really like the ZackxCloud pairing. Here's a link to the main community of the role-play: http://b-o-y-s.greatestjournal.com/

Just read the rules and stuff. Terra's a great gal and will most likely accept you if you do everything right. Just be sure to say hi to Cloud after being accepted. He'll be rather easy to find. Cloud's user name is "stay_a_memory" just so you know.

Gods, I hope I'm not breaking any rules for this community.