February 16th, 2006

Nascar//In Overdrive


You wouldn't believe how many times my computer froze while making this AMV. It hated the format of the DoC FMV's I'm guessing. But anyway, this is a vid completely dedicated to the girls of FF7. With the appropriate No Doubt song of course [I was in an upbeat mood]. And yes there are spoilers, mainly to those who've yet to see the Dirge movies. So um, watch if you want...girl power and stuff.

(Aux Femmes)
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I'm excited!
If you're wondering why, it's because I finally will get the chance to see AC in about a month!
America sucks sometimes!
We always get things late!
But it's coming! It's really coming!

In other news, we all saw the PS3 tech demo for FFVII, correct?
Well, despite what Square Enix said, we all know that there will be a remake for the PS3.
Surely you all realize this.
Here's what I'm thinking, and feel free to debate this if you don't agree.
I think that given the nex generation of gaming, as well as what these new systems are capable of...I think the remake of FFVII should let the battles play out like that of Kingdom Hearts.
While I enjoyed the original gameplay a lot, games like Kingdom Hearts, Star Ocean, and Tales of Symphonia have really turned me on to the whole real-time RPG thing.
I think FFVII would rock like this!
Just think, playing as Cloud, or Vincent, or Tifa in real time!
Frikin awesome! Limit breaks would be so much sweeter, too!
Not to mention, the flashback where you get to use Sephiroth in your party!
I'm just throwing the idea out there.
If you don't think it would be good, that's ok.
I just want to know what you all think.

~The Ninjarai~
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(no subject)

I have...icons!!! Wooooooooooo.....I've been doing them randomly for a while now. Bam! Hope you like. None of these are bases. Comment if using, and credit if using. Thanks ^_^

Collapse ) EDIT: OMG I am so sorry about messing up with the lj cut!!! I was in a hurry and didn't check the entry to see how it posted until now. Please don't kill me. o_o()
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credit + icons

Can somebody please tell me who made the Tifa icon I'm using so I can credit them?

Also, some icons I made. They're not as good as most of the ones I see in the community, but...

(1) Sephiroth
(3) Loz
(1) Rude

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Guitar Ninjas

I withdraw my previous brain fart!

Um...the "nays" have it, I guess.
I guess when I think about it(with all the limit breaks and potions and what not), this idea really wouldn't work.
At the most, maybe they could do the FFX character switch thing...but that's it.
I suppose I'll keep my silly ideas to myself for now on.
*sigh*...So much for the SHM Easy-Bake Oven.

Hey, look, a fanart by me!

Yeeeah, nothin' much-- just a mediocre Reno fanart by meee. XP Hope you guys like it-- I hardly ever draw guys, and even less often do they come out looking like, well, GUYS. So yeah. ^_^;;

Enjoy :)

((Oh, and the reason it may look a bit funny is that I drew this on my special watercolor paper, and it's textured a bit more than I like. :/ ))

I present to you... RENO. As drawn by a hopeless fangirl.
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Kamen Rider Decade

Totally Hot

I was looking around for some action figures and I found this site:


And the great thing is if you do order this its 5 dollar shipping! Weee I am going to order one right now. I mean its 70 dollars but I mean its probably better then anything that is going to come out over here. So its so cool!
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