February 15th, 2006

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This set contains:

19 Dirge of Cerberus
11 Kingdom Hearts
08 X/1999
14 Utada Hikaru
05 Do As Infinity
06 Mika Nakashima
12 SID
03 Miscellaneous

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Sephy Vincent

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Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. ^^;
Originally I wasn't going to do anything, but I ended up with this doodle of Vincent.
Of course every other FFVII fan is probably doing the same thing, but whatever. :P

Happy V-Day!


Eheh...really crappy fanarts that I did a few weeks ago. Explanations under the pictures. And I apologise for the bad scanning quality and the fact these were drawn on notebook paper. I was in class when I drew these.

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Oh, the horrific-ness of it all.


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I don't know if this has been posted up here yet or not, but I'm looking at the release information of Advent Children on amazon.com, and apparantly the DVD that we're getting here in the U.S. doesn't include the Japanese language track. :\ I'm hoping that this isn't true...

Any thoughts on this from those who live in the U.S. like me?
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Quick question for all of ya. >> I was wondering if anyone here has stumbled on any Advent Children WinAmp skins, particularly of Kadaj. Yazoo or Loz will do too, since they're lovely, but Daj is who I'm looking for.

Or Jenova.

Or Vincent.

Or Reno.

Hell, anyone will do, really. :P

Thanks in advance! :D
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Just a message to say I'm rejoining, and to share some speculation, and some fanfic.

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Good news for those waiting for AC in english, I heard that it's taking so long, so that th emouth's go along to the english voices. Though you probably have already heard this. I think I need to catch up.
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