February 14th, 2006


I rarely post...but

Wrote this up for my girlfriend, and thought I'd share *grins* Heh, although it didn't come out quite as I had hoped it would.

Title: A Daisy Valentines Day
Characters: Yazoo, Loz, brief appearance of Kadaj
Rating: PG
Word Count: 565 

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New here...

Just joined, but I love the movie. I have the AVI, and my import dvd is on order to be delivered any day now. I loved the game as well. That's about it, will post more later.
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some days you feel like this

i was curious.

hi, howdy, and how are ya?

ok, i realize i'm sounding lame. but hey, it's tuesday.

anywho, i found myself looking at pictures of several people cosplaying final fantasy. especially advent children and the like.

so i was wondering how many of you out there have had the opportunity to cosplay, and who you played/your favourite character.?

or, who you would like to play and most resemble?

(this is also my sad attempt at breaking the ice in this here community. :D)