February 12th, 2006

FFVIII-deliver me in a black winged bird

much better than spam!

I tried to post this before the trolls attacked but alas....

I bring you another short fanfic...what better way to spend my time when I'm bored in class or rehearsal, no? Anyway, this one was inspired by one of the prompts at fanfic100 (in which there are surprisingly few active FF writers...*nudges*)...I'm currently waitlisted but the prompts are still begging to be used, and so here's a very short piece thus inspired:

Name: Atonement
Author: summonerluna (ficjournal=yuna_lockhart)
Character(s): Vincent
Rating: PG (themes)
Note: Kind of strange and very short (WC<220) but I actually really like it. Largely inspired by his entrance in AC...that's been nibbling at me since I saw it way back a million years ago, but I only just now was able to get something out. C/C if you wish!

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I'd like to clarify the post that the co-mod made before.

Luke and I ARE around, regardless of whether we post or comment. We do check the community as often as possible. I appreciate the emails I received regarding this matter, but it was likely that I was asleep or something of the sort when that whole thing happened.

I'd like to point out that we are very much alive, considering we do post in our journals, and I am on AIM all the time. Please, if you must contact me, do so on AIM or in my journal, as my email is usually swamped with junk, comments, or emails from college.

I hope the choosing of a few new mods goes over well, and I intend on being actively involved, as I'm sure Luke will try as well. The timezones thing can be a killer, after all.

Anyway, I hope everyone is in good health, and I do miss you all. I honestly just want to quit college and go back to High School, but that story is for the real journal and not here. xD

Your mod, fondly,
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Hey all ^__^

Well, for a first post, I have a lot to give. Well, if 35 advent children icons counts.

Enjoy ^__^


1. 32.

( Fake Cut! )

Free for useage ^__^. Please don't hotlink.

- Kensington

PS: Please credit if you do take one
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