February 10th, 2006

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I promise I'm gonna make this short, because I know a lotta people out there make faces when new RPGs are advertised, if they don't just skip over the ad altogether. :P I won't post a huge banner or anything... just explain it. Deal?

So what we have here is Magna Mater University, or MMU, a Uni set in present-day New York City. Characters from a ton of different game fandoms are allowed ((if you don't see the one you want, tell us, and we'll consider it for sure)), and basically travel through nexus-like portals to attend. The problem? When they pass through these portals into NYC, their special abilities are more-or-less kaput. No materia. No Aeris using Ancient abilities. No Sephiroth summoning meteors with little black marbles. Immortals become mortal ((which should be rather interesting)) and those who prided themselves as being superhuman are suddenly getting a huge reality check. The lucky ones are those who were naturally skilled with weapons. People who depended wholly on magic are gonna be frowning a lot, probably looking to hire the weapon-users to defend their scrawny hides. *cackle*

Anyhoo, the mods are myself and three others, and we're all very decent people. :3 The place isn't officially open yet, so there's still a whack of characters available. Actually... *cough*... if I could find a Yazoo, we'd have all three SHM, which'd be nice. *peers around* If you don't find an Advent Children or Final Fantasy VII character you like, hell, peruse the other fandoms. ;) There's always something!

Getting in contact with us is easy. Simply drop us a line at magna_ooc, poke me on AIM at Intrinsic Mania, or email magnamods[at]gmail.com, and we'll get back to you ASAP! We'd love to hear from you, and get some good roleplayers in there. :D Which I guess is a major "Duh", because why would we be looking for crappy, god-awful roleplayers... *facepalm* You get what I mean though.

And for curiosity's sake, here's the list of acceptable fandoms, and a bunch of New York City hot-spots, where your kids can wander and get mugged have fun! The application is on the main info page. One you get your approval, we toss you a dorm room, and the rest is up to you. *cackles*

Hope to see you there! ((dammit, that wasn't as short as I'd hoped... ))
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Rufus and his Turks

Geostigma in Dirge of Cerberus

Usually I post fanfic to this community but I came across this rather interesting revelation when I was playing Dirge of Cerberus that I just had to share. It'd be fun if this generated some discussion too. I hope its not too spoilery.

As you can see from this screenshot taken from Dirge of Cerberus you can see that the lady on the right, highlighted in red has "Geostigma detected" while the girl, in green, is "Clean".

So conclusion is that Geostigma is still all over the planet one year after the end of Advent Children. Apparently the gang didn't get the word out that Aerith's water was available. That screenshot was for a scene located in Kalm, by the way. So does it mean that Jenova is still present and manipulating things even if its only in contaminating the Lifestream?

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