February 6th, 2006


Fic: Fight On (Tseng, Elena)

Title: Fight On
Author: Gen X (joyeuxnoel) | Ficjournal: infinitys_tale
Characters/Pairings: Tseng, Elena
Rating: PG
Note: Spoilers for Advent Children. Unbeta'd. C&C welcome. Playing fast and loose with the missing scene for two of the Turks. Also, I sort of ignore the fact there's a whole city between the Northern Crater and the Ancient Forest. Writen for aki_omoi's weekly song challenge.

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The wolf?

It's been quite a few years since I've played the game, so put the guns away.

Throughout the entire movie, there's this wolf. Wtf explain? XD; Who/what is it, eh?
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Hello everyone! EDIT: Fixed icon and one more added!

Hello! This is my first post here! ^_^ Uh, lessee-- I'm female, I'll be 16 in a week, and I'm extremely obsessed with Advent Children and FF7. I like to draw and write and make icons. Hey, as a matter of fact, I happen to have some icons I've made laying around now-- guess I'll post some :)

EDIT: Posted one I forgot, and fixed the font on number 3. Sorry about the old one; it looked fine in Painter! ^^;; Oh, I also played around with the lighting, and now it looks pretty! Yay.

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