February 4th, 2006

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I have a shadow on the wall..

Hello ^_^ this is panna_pitta again, but I got a rename token-just FYI..now onto the gifts!!

This batch really..hmm..I have mixed feelings on it-but maybe you will like it more. Icons and headers are included (and yes-I took some requests as well, but those were given to the requestees(?) personally..otherwise-there are more Sephiroth/Turk icons to come..I've just been busy x_x;)

Remember-You know what to do: Please comment AND credit me ^_^ (or there will be pain XD)
Remember-I was experimenting with some of the icons!
and if you would like to friend me-then go ahead and I'll add you back ^__^ I'm looking to add new friends to my friends list ♥
2-Cloud and Sephiroth
1-Tifa (but..not from AC..)
(...and not in that particular order..lol)


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♥ !!
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Once again, I have been forced to think...

A few days ago I bought my Shadow creeper figurine and put it in with Vincent, Tifa and Sephiroth (Omgz0r... it's... liek!11! SEPhY!/?1!) and my sister came along and said "Oh, you have a new pet, what is it?"

I instantly replied "A shadow creeper". *proud look which deflated with her next question*

"What's a shadow creeper?"

I shook my head... Unbelievable!

"Well... *pause... think* It's a monster... which rises and forms from black smoke" (She's only little, no point in going into materia and all that when all she plays is KHs)

She looked at me funny, and asked "What, like heartless?"

I stopped... and flicked on AC, jumping to the main Shadow Creeper scene and realised... yes... exactly like Heartless... even referring to them as shadow creepers... the term shadow reminds me strongly of Heartless...

The point of this ramble, apart from exposing the stealthily hidden Heartless, is to ask... Will we see Ansem in the the FF movie? If so... could someone donate me a drool bucket?
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Just a lil bit o' fun for all ^_^

I have another goodie for y'all. It's a clip from an unrelated drama CD recorded very recently (I think sometime late last year, AFTER AC's release or sometime around then).

There's this really amusing part which features purely Sakurai and Morikawa. So for those of you who're curious as to how these two would sound like interacting with each other outside of their protagonist-antagonist roles, and add a healthy dose of craziness into it, this is it.

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Rufus and his Turks

[Fic] Final Fantasy VII: Impetus

Well despite being very glum and down in the dumps, Rufus simply will not let me go without writing about him. So here's the result of the plot bunny that I've been afflicted with for the last few days.

Title: Impetus
Author: xandrabelle
Characters: Rufus, Tseng, Elena, Reno, Rude
Summary: The Turks care a lot for Rufus. Otherwise, why would Tseng, Elena and Reno go off to the Northern Crater for Jenova?

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