January 28th, 2006

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AC icons :3

Hello! This is not only my first post in this community but also my first batch of AC icons... I hope you enjoy these, although I'm a beginner when it comes to creating icons. n___n;;

All icons are taken from Advent Children or DOC screens.

:: 2 Cloud

:: 1 Zack

:: 2 Lucrecia

:: 2 Misc

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Vincent Valentine
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Here's the results:

Ok so yeah I make an entry to what you call "insulting" a pairing? you "comment" me what 73 times? that was my last count..i don't know what its at now. Then I make an entry insulting you as a comeback then you "comment" me what 19 times was it now? So tell me what does it say about all of you?

So yeah as much fun was this was, I got work tomorrow and I need sleep so go duke it out else where. The entries are deleted...
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Rufus and his Turks

[Fic] Final Fantasy VII: To Rule by Persuasion

Thanks to the latest Dirge of Cerberus FMVs and that tiny glimpse of Rufus in the opening sequence of it, I couldn't resist posting this fic.

Title: To Rule by Persuasion
Author: xandrabelle
Pairing: Vincent x Rufus (anyone else like this pairing out there?)
Summary: There are always risks in rebuilding. Rufus is more than willing to take them, much to the dismay of those who protect him. Set sometime after Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus probably, AU with the assumption that Rufus managed to convince Vincent to work for him.
This is a companion fic to a story that my best friend wrote. Details in the notes.

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Sephiroth AC - sunset Sephy

Square Enix Character Goods Store - which station?

Hey all, need some help from those who read Japanese kanji.

I live in Japan and am planning to make my semi-regular pilgrimage to Tokyo. This next pilgrimage will most surely involve a trip to the Square Enix Character Goods store to hump worship see the life sized Sephiroth statue. However, I'm afraid that I can't decipher the kanji for the name of the station where I'm supposed to get off... I know it's in Shibuya somewhere, but I honestly don't know which station. The map I have of the JR and Metro lines only has the names in English, so I'm a little stuck.

So if anyone with Japanese skillz could take a look at the Access part of their website (it's here with a map that can be clicked on) and tell me the name of the station (and, if you're feeling super generous, the train/subway line), I would be most grateful. Thanks in advance. ^_^
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