January 27th, 2006

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Hey there. I noticed there are a few posts here about the Dirge of Cerberus. I watched the clips and what not and I think it looks cool. My question is, what is it? I'm relativly new to the FF world, just recently seeing Advent Children, that being the first FF thing I ever watched and or played. So I'm slightly confused on what the Dirge of Cerberus is. Is it a game or a movie? Thanks!
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Hey there... I am just too curious to not to ask. Is someone able to translate one video from Dirge of Cerberus to english for me? (and the others of course ;)

So...I mean that video, where is the whole beginning of the game. The menu screen - the thing with Yuffie - three years later with Lucrecia - the attack.

I would be very happy to understand what is said there :)
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Heya Guys, I was hoping someone could give me a link to some images of Game and Movie Aeris/Aerith... I'm planning a cosplay as her... (Was gonna do Sephiroth, but time frame is too small to find a platinum wig ><)

Thankies kindly ! ♥♥♥