January 25th, 2006

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It’s been just a couple months since omg_ac has opened and things have been very busy. The OMG-I-stuck-my-finger-in-an-electric-socket-shock-meetings of the clones Hojo created and their originals have mostly spiraled to a startling end, but the scandals haven’t ended yet! Oh ho, in fact some are just starting!

ShinRa company is on the rise again, slowly taking steps to become the glorious company it once was --- but with a clone as the president! A man with the same face as the wheel-chair bounded Rufus Shinra and even with his own mismatched set of Turks! How long until the war of Turks starts? Which pretty-boy blond will end up keeping the company?

A murderer is on the loose! Tifa Lockheart was the first victim, a loss that everyone mourned... and now, Cloud Strife’s very clone has suffered the same fate! With this mysterious silver-haired killer free, is anyone safe? Who will be the next victim?

And... well... Sephiroth, Kadaj, and Vincent’s clones are have a nice slumber party. Did I mention that Faburoth—I mean, Sephiroth— is the absolute best hair dresser? What would the world do without him?

Interested yet? We’ve got a handful of characters open, even a few guys with a bit of a history! Important characters like clone!Rufus and clone!Tseng are open and even the original Reno is open! Actually, all three of those had previous roleplayers --- interested in taking them and keeping their history? Contact the admin and we'll discuss it. Everyone is welcome to check out the community information and rules, and I hope we’ll see you soon!
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happy happy joy joy

I FINALLY GOT ADVENT CILDREN!!!! I mean officially. My friend found the 4-disc set on ebay. It has the movie, the bonus disc, and the 2 soundtrack discs. Lemme tell ya, that's some hawt, hawt music. And I'm glad that the movie looks really good on DVD - much better than on my computer screen!! When I get my laptop, I'll be able to watch it and TAKE IT WITH ME EVERYWHERE!! *dies of awesomeness*
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DoC officially released in Japan!!

Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus offically released in Japan today with the "Redemption" Gackt CD. Pictures of the game and the CD has appeared over the net courtesy of DCFF7.info

Dirge of Cerberus Collection
Gackt Redemption CD

And Square-Enix also released Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII with The Cerberus Complete Case shown here with the Limited Edition FFVII:DC OST, and be able to hold DIRGE of CERBERUS: Final Fantasy VII, The Redemption Limited Edition Single, And The Dirge of Cerberus Limited Edition OST.

The soundtrack (both regular & special edition) will be released on February 15th.
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As the previous post states, Dirge of Cerberus is out in Japan now. *points out the obvious*

Anydoodle, the opening video is up for download at IGN. As per usual, the nice large version is only available to the people that have paid membership. DX But anyway, I uploaded the smaller version onto YSI for a friend that can never get the site to work for him.

So, since I don't want the link to go to waste, here ya go:

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